Marina Abramovic

Self Portrait with Skeleton, 2003

Marina Abramovic
Self Portrait with Skeleton
Dimensions and medium
Cibachrome print, 4/5, 125 × 200 cm (approximate dimensions)
Gift of Robert-Jean Chénier
Artwork description
From the very beginning, Marina Abramovic’s art practice has redefined the limits of experimental art. She has created actions that take the form of purification rituals in search of a kind of liberated state of being. Part of a larger series of works titled The Balkan, which includes performances, videos and photographs, Self Portrait with Skeleton is linked to her performance Nude with Skeleton, inspired by an ancient Tibetan tradition whereby monks are obliged to sleep in cemeteries near corpses in varying stages of decomposition. In this piece, the artist confronts her own death while extending her reflection on the persistence of being.

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