On your arrival, you will be greeted by members of our Education team. Next, you will leave your coats in the lockers provided. Backpacks are not allowed in the exhibition galleries because of the risk of accidentally damaging the works as you turn around. Bags containing valuables may be checked at the museum cloakroom. You will have a chance to use the drinking fountains and restrooms.

For copyright reasons, photography and filming are not permitted in the exhibition galleries. They are allowed in the workshops, however.

After a brief introduction covering the nature of the museum and the procedure for the day, the group will begin its activity.

Please note that, for tours, large classes will be divided into two groups to promote more lively, personal discussions between the educator and students.


On the tours, five to seven works will be explored. Through dialogue with the educator, the students will improve their observational skills, learn to identify the basic elements in an artwork, be introduced to new terms and draw connections between details they have seen, in order to enhance their understanding of the work. They will have a chance to express their opinions, share their impressions and let their imaginations roam.

Length: One hour or 90 minutes

Main pedagogical goals of the tours

  • Learn notions and acquire a visual vocabulary.
  • Discover and get better acquainted with contemporary art.
  • Gain self-confidence, experience the pleasure of looking.
  • Develop a sense of observation.
  • Exercise critical judgment.
  • Express one’s thoughts.
  • Stimulate the imagination.
  • Develop cross-disciplinary skills.


In the workshop activity, the students will first look at an original artwork in order to observe its use of lines, colours, media and techniques, its subject and the way it is rendered visually. This work will then provide inspiration for their own creative endeavour. At the end of the workshop, the whole class will join in cleaning up the materials used.

Length: One hour

Main pedagogical goals of the workshops

  • Acquire a vocabulary applicable to visual language.
  • Become familiar with the techniques and materials used in the practice of an artist whose work was observed.
  • Learn through experience.
  • Put creative thought into action.