This fall, the Musée host an exhibition of the works of semi-finalists and winners in the 10th Annual RBC Canadian Painting Competition. The main objective of this competition is to encourage emerging Canadian talents and highlight the contributions made by promising painters to our society’s cultural vitality. This exhibition will travel to Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, London, St John’s, Saskatoon, Edmonton and Vancouver.

This year, the artists are:

  • Eli Bornowsky of Vancouver
  • Andrew Dadson of Vancouver
  • Jeremy Hof of Vancouver
  • Collin Johanson of Vancouver
  • Lorenzo Pepito of Vancouver
  • Martin Golland of Toronto
  • Sarah Jane Gorlitz of Toronto
  • Amanda Reeves of Oakville
  • Drew Simpson of Toronto
  • Emmy Skensved of Toronto
  • Patrick Howlett of Fredericton
  • Rick Leong of Montreal
  • Wil Murray of Montreal
  • Jeanie Riddle of Montreal
  • Justin Stephens of Montreal

Established in 1999 and the largest competition of its kind in Canada, the RBC Canadian Painting Competition is a tribute to Canada’s artistic talent.