Marcel Odenbach

The Distance Between Myself and My Losses, 1983

Marcel Odenbach
The Distance Between Myself and My Losses
Dimensions and medium
Colour video, sound, 10 min 11 s
Artwork description
The Distance Between Myself and My Losses, by Marcel Odenbach, brings together the characteristic principles of the artist’s work. Odenbach composes his drawings and videos with horizontal or vertical bands that mask part of the image. This forces the viewer to become aware of their participation in the work’s interpretation, leading them to rely on their own databank of knowledge. But this data, based on our collective and personal history, touches on uncomfortable elements, including juxtaposed images of sexuality or war. On a formal level, the work features a rapid succession of partial images. Some objects, like a knife blade, appear regularly, adding structural and thematic rhythm to the work. The knife and harsh lighting are part of a strategy that seeks to create a tense and mysterious atmosphere that guides the viewer’s gaze and their interpretation of the work, seducing them and in some ways circumventing the images’ primary function.

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