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Geneviève Cadieux and Chih-Chien Wang generously offered two wonderful, limited edition artworks. Printed in an edition of 25 copies each, these photographic works were created for the benefit of the Fondation du MAC. 
Geneviève Cadieux’s work Tulipe et lune [tulip and moon] is filled with a mesmerizing nocturnal poetry. Chih-Chien Wang presents What You Found Only Exists in Another World – Departure, a work that sublimates the ordinariness of a leek taking root. 
This is your chance to acquire limited-edition works by two major artists, while helping the Fondation raise funds to support the MAC. What a great opportunity to add Geneviève Cadieux and Chih-Chien Wang to your collection!

Tulipes et Lune, 2020
(Edition for the Fondation du MAC)
33 x 33 cm (13″ x 13″)
Edition of 25

“I came home one night, by the light of a full moon, and saw that I had left a bunch of tulips on a white countertop. Through the skylight, a moon beam cast the flowers’ shadow on the white surface. I photographed the shadow with the moon in frame in the hope of capturing this magical moment.”

Geneviève Cadieux

What You Found Only Exists in Another World – Departure, 2020
Image courtesy of Pierre-François Ouellette art contemporain
30.5 x 45.7 cm (12″ x 18″)
Edition of 25

“A leek was cut, and a soup was made. The short stem and the roots were like a forest. It seemed to demand its own existence. I put it upside down and it continued to grow, like a rocket shooting towards the cosmos in slow motion. The young green stem pushed the aged roots toward the sky, although at such a slow pace it would probably never reach very far. Nevertheless, it continued its process of departing, as new roots were born.

The work is part of an ongoing series titled: What You Found Only Exists in Another World, which explores subtle fictions evoked by a seemingly banal reality. It proposes a parallel existence, a distance from which to look back at our current states. ”

Chih-Chien Wang

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About Geneviève Cadieux

Geneviève Cadieux’s work explores the field of interference around the passage of images yielded by various modes of photographic production and recording. The work’s presentation in museum and public settings is inspired by staging in theatre and film, as well as advertisement strategies and their effect on individuals. The artist essentially devotes herself to the creation of photographic images and large-scale installations, the main theme of which is the representation of the human body and the notion of landscape as a place where mind and body meet. Much like Geneviève Cadieux sees the body as a sensitive surface that records the signs of time and suffering, she sees the photographic image as a luminous scar left on the film’s emulsion. She is interested in the integration of art in urban spaces, its visibility, its effect on the city’s population and its role as a potential landmark.

Geneviève Cadieux is represented by Blouin-Division

About Chih-Chien Wang

Born in Taiwan, Chih-Chien Wang has centred his photographic and video-based practice on the perception of a moment in time and the experience of daily life. Through works that reference performance, theatre, and the historical genre of still life, Wang reflects on personal identity and cultural difference while examining the role of photography and video as records of ordinary reality.

Chih-Chien Wang is represented by Pierre-François Ouellette Art Contemporain

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