These resources are designed to make the MAC exhibition more accessible to people of all abilities. They are also available to anyone wishing to deepen their understanding of the exhibition’s visual content.

What is audiodescription?

Audiodescription is a recorded commentary describing the elements that make up a work of art, making it accessible to blind or partially-sighted people.

Plan your visit:

These audio described resources are available online and in our exhibition spaces (accessible via your own device). The next time you visit the Museum, do not hesitate to ask our team how to access these resources. A binder with large-print exhibition texts and a tactile map of our spaces is also available at our welcome desk. All information on the Museum’s accessibility is available here.

The accessible content for our past exhibitions is also available here.

This audiodescribed resource was produced by Elokutio, in collaboration with the Regroupement des aveugles et amblyopes du Montréal métropolitain (RAAMM) and the MAC.

Audio described introduction to the exhibition

Introduction to the exhibition (pdf)

Audio described introduction of the first room

Description to the first room (pdf)

Audio described introduction of the second room

Description to the second room (pdf)

Audio described introduction to Floralia by Sabrina Ratté, 2021

Described introduction to Floralia by Sabrina Ratté (pdf)

Floralia I (left screen) by Sabrina Ratté, 2021
The audio description specific to one of the four screens within this installation, Floralia I, is conceived with the aim of increasing the accessibility of the work as a whole.

Audio described introduction to The Noise of Icebergs by Caroline Gagné, 2016

Described introduction to The Noise of Icebergs by Caroline Gagné (pdf)

Audio described introduction to Archipelago of Earthen Bones by Malena Szlam, 2024

Introduction de archipelago of earthen bones [un archipel d’os terrestres] de Malena Szlam (pdf)