The 2023 edition of the Collectors Symposium National Bank Private Banking 1859 took place last October 17th at the Bradley Ertaskiran Gallery under the honorary co-chairmanship of Stella Vassallo and Vincent Chiara. This unique fundraising event, hosted by presenter Éric Bujold, aims to give participants the experience of an acquisition committee by selecting the artwork that will enter the Museum’s collection.

The curators, Lesley Johnstone, Mark Lanctôt, and François LeTourneux, each presented a piece to the audience for acquisition consideration. Throughout the evening, hosted by Eva Hartling, guests were able to ask questions and engage in debates with the curators to determine which artwork should be added to the collection, fostering rich discussions over a gastronomic meal prepared by Hoogan and Beaufort.


At the end of the exclusive event, thanks to the valuable support of National Bank Private Banking 1859, the participants recommended the acquisition of the artwork “The Rangda”, 2022 by Ari Bayuaji.

The great generosity of Éric Bujold (Chief Customer Relations Officer, National Bank) and Stella Vassallo and Vincent Chiara will allow for the acquisition of the other artworks presented during the evening: “Blur 21”, 2021 and “Blur 20”, 2021 by Sandra Brewster, as well as “Problem Five”, 2022 and “Problem Three”, 2022 by Beth Stuart. The sum of $110,000 raised will thus enable the MAC to continue its collection mandate. The Fondation du MAC also has the privilege of relying on the Paule Poirier Fund, which supports the Museum’s acquisitions.

The amount raised will enable the MAC to continue its collection mandate. The Museum’s collection, which comprises more than 8000 pieces, will thus be enriched with exceptional artworks, and we thank all those who contributed.

Host Presenter: Éric Bujold, Honorary Chairmanship: Stella Vassallo and Vincent Chiara, Chairwoman of the Board: Julie Couture


The MAC and its Foundation would like to thank all the participants for their support in promoting the collection and warmly thank National Bank Private Banking 1859 for its loyal support in the success of this event for over a decade.

The Foundation also wishes to warmly thank the honorary co-chairs Stella Vassallo (Groupe MACH), Vincent Chiara (Groupe MACH), Éric Bujold (National Bank) for his role as host presenter, as well as the evening’s host, Eva Hartling (Femme de Marque Inc.).

The Foundation also thanks its gift partners: Birks, RIMOWA, as well as its service partners: Fleuriste Marie Vermette, Bradley Ertaskiran Gallery, and Hoogan & Beaufort.